Morges is a beautiful lakeside town with a chateau and promenade along Lake Geneva.  It is a town that we venture to several times a year just for their Saturday morning market with stunning views of the Alps across from the lake and well manicured gardens lining it's walkways.  But, during the annual Tulip festival it really blossoms and comes alive.  After a long Winter it is a wonderful way to jump into Spring.
The gardens surrounding the chateau are well manicured and labeled by the variety of tulip of which is inside the flowerbed.  Some of the beds are planted in patterns or look like country flags or symbols.
On the other side of the chateau there are fewer beds of flowers, but a promenade along the lake with tulips lining either side of it and more views of the Alps in the distance.
The children enjoy running through the flower beds and exploring the fountains:
 Just behind the lakeside promenade there is a pedestrian only street lined with shops and restaurants.  We always enjoy walking up and down this street along with walking up and down lake.
Walking the pedestrian only street during the Tulip Festival 2018
Walking/scootering/biking the pedestrian only street in the Summer during the market
One of our favorite places to get ice cream and crepes in Morges is right at the little wooden buvette near the lakeside promenade.  It offers savory and sweet crepes and many ice cream options.  There are a few tables just outside the buvette, but we often just sit in the grass and admire the lake and mountains while enjoying our food:
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