We recently got a stainless double oven:

I love it!  With the exception of the stainless top...it is so hard to clean!  Oil and grease get caked onto it so easily...

I tried several products:

None of them worked very well...

Then I tried Bar Keeper's Friend....and it is really my new friend.  It could be renamed to:

"Homemaker's Stainless Steel Cooktop Cleaner Friend"!

 After sprinkling some of this onto the cooktop and scrubbing for a few minutes I got this:

So then I made a paste by mixing just a couple drops of water into the formula and stirring it with an old toothbrush:

I rubbed the paste around all the burners and waited about 5 minutes...

And Wallah!!!!!

YES!  A new clean cooktop!  Almost like new again thanks to Bar Keeper's Friend!!!