I am a sucker for coordinating children's clothing.  I think it looks sweet when siblings are in matching outfits, but I also like the practicality of being able to scan a crowd for similar looking clothing (like when we were in Paris and I put L and E in a coordinating red and white striped dress and romper).  I have the most luck finding coordinating outfits at Hanna Andersson - I love their soft cotton children's clothing that they design with comfort as a top priority.  My most recent coordinating outfits have been homemade on my sewing machine using a couple newly found patterns on Etsy:
The pattern for the romper can be found at the Etsy shop Brindille and Twig.  And the pattern for the flutter sleeve dress can be found at the Etsy shop Sew Like My Mom.
 Both Etsy shops sell patterns for sewing with knit fabrics.  I followed the pattern exactly for the romper, however I changed the skirt of the dress a bit by adding pleats instead of a gather at the waistline.  The pleats were measured off of the bodice width and were taken in at the front, back and both sides.
The dress pattern comes with the option of long, 3/4 or short sleeves as well as a tank version with or without fluttered sleeves.  I opted for the flutter sleeve this time and will probably try the tank version next time.  I look forward to trying the long sleeve version this Fall.

The romper is practical with snaps in the leg area and because of the soft jersey knit material is slides over the head easily.  Lucas has been known to complain only about clothes when they interfere with his movement.  No complaints so far on this one.
Overall, I am very happy with the patterns as they were easy to follow, provided lots of photos, and were fairly simple to complete.  And most importantly I now have coordinating outfits that are both cute and comfortable for E and L this Summer. 
Now I get to go make some more!  You know that you like a pattern when you are eager to make more of the same - Which fun fabrics and colors should I use this next time?