The best laid plans don't always fall into place, but fortunately our spur-of-the moment change in plans ended in beautiful views and a lunch with outdoor seating to appreciate them.
We had planned on hiking the Grand Balcon Nord trail by taking the Aiguille de Midi Telepherique (cable car) to the top, hiking the trail and ending at the Montenevers Train where we could train back down to the town of Chamonix.  When we arrived at the telepherique ticket office we were told that due to recent snow the trails were not appropriate for children.  Therefore, change of plans...
... we walked to the Chalet de la Floria instead.  We followed the signs below and walked uphill 3.1 km and then hiked the same trail back down after enjoying a light lunch and a few beverages.
 There is an option to make a loop by walking past the restaurant and walking downhill on a different part of the trail.  At the time we didn't realize that it had the possibility of a loop.  If we hike this trail again I would plan on trying the other section of the loop for the descent.
The restaurant had several tables outside under umbrellas overlooking the Mont-Blanc and other mountain peaks.  The menu consisted of fritatta, prosciutto and chevre salads, a cheese and noodle tarte, crepes (sugar, nutella or jam) and a strawberry tarte.  They also served wine, beer and a small selection of non-alcoholic drinks.
Lucas taking his typical cat nap while we are out and about
Things to Note:
1. This hike is uphill with very little breaks in ascent of elevation until you reach the Chalet.  You are essentially walking up a steep hill for 3.1 km (1.94 miles) and then walking back down the same hill afterwards.  It is well worth the work when you reach the top, however our children grew a bit tired of the "forever going up" feeling and to be honest they shed a few tears asking/pleading to "please just go back down" after about 2.5 km of it.  They prefer a walk that varies in elevation throughout the journey with bouts of flat land as well.
Eliana off the trail and climbing the steep rocks for fun
2. There are drop-offs on the side of the trail that drop quite a distance.  The trail is at least 10 feet wide the entire way so if your children are old enough to understand then you can tell them to stay on the inside of the trailway away from the edge. Lucas on the other hand stayed put in the baby carrier most of the way up due to some of these drop-offs.
 3. The trail has 3 very small streams to cross while making your way up to the Chalet.  They are easily passable without getting your feet wet and the widest has a foot bridge to use if you desire.
Eliana cooling off in the natural spring
Lucas at the Chalet enjoying a piece of flat land to explore before making our way back down.