Have I mentioned that we are going to Disney in a little over a month?  We are very excited and while I thought that Eliana was a little too young to appreciate the trip when we first scheduled it, she has surprised me and talks about it everyday.  She has been anticipating meeting Cinderella, Elsa and Anna, Belle and all the other princesses for the last few months and talks about our trip everyday.  She is now an expert at spotting Mickey Mouse, Nemo and Cinderella's Castle all over the city (the library, Home Depot, the grocery store, etc.)  So this is why I haven't posted in a while...I have been sewing up a storm every chance I can get making Disney Princess outfits for her to wear at Disney.  I will post on the outfits I made with tutorials a little later.

While in the playroom (which is also the location of the "sewing room") I snapped a few photos of some additions I made to the art/reading wall since my last playroom post. 

A Dr. Seuss Reading Quote:
"The more that you READ, the more things you will KNOW.
The more that you LEARN, the more places you'll GO." 
- Dr. Seuss


A Roll Of Craft Paper Hung Above The Table:

I found the Dr. Seuss quote on an Etsy store, LCvinyldesigns for $18.  The store owner was fabulous to work with and customized the quote for me for free.  I wanted it to be two lines that were 4 feet long with each line only a couple inches high (so that it could fit above the book ledge shelves I built).  The whole process was very quick and she was incredibly responsive.  If looking for another vinyl design I would definitely use LCvinyldesigns in the future.

I hung the roll of paper in the same way I hung the rolls of paper on the vertical child wall easels (below photo).  I purchased the same style rails from Ikea however in the longest rail they sell.  The craft paper roll was purchased from Amazon and it has lasted me over a year now (we used it on another play table before moving it here).

Click Here for details on how to use Ikea rails as holders for craft paper as seen above.

I am very happy with the end result.  I love the reading quote and the roll of craft paper saves us from using the colored paper all of the time.  The colored paper is fun to use for art projects, however for the amount coloring/painting that we do we would go through the colored paper too quickly.  The roll of craft paper is so easily accessible now that we end up using it most of the time (although the colored paper is pretty accessible as well).  Before and After: