By now you all know that I love chalkboards!  They are one of my favorite tools to use when decorating or planning a party.   They easily add a personal touch to an event or when just decorating in everyday life.  If Jonathan has a good day at work, Great!  He can come home to a new message on the chalkboard that is on display in our kitchen.  This particular chalkboard (below) hangs in the entrance to the playroom on a regular basis but has been used in both my sister Lauren's and my girlfriend Michelle's wedding showers.

I have written tutorials on making two other framed chalkboards - one hangs in our dining room and the other hangs in the playroom as a child's easel.  This one doesn't actually have a real frame, just the illusion of a frame.  Here is how to make it:
There are only 3 materials in making this chalkboard: 
1:Chalkboard Paint.   2:Painter's Tape.  3:Wood Board.

Step 1: Find a Board.  I had the below board from another leftover project.  It is old and a bit beat up, but I like the character it brings to the "frame".

Step 2: Place Painter's Tape On Board.  Frame the board in painter's tape - this is what will give you the look of a frame:

Step 3: Paint Board With Chalkboard Paint.  I used a quart of chalkboard paint because that is what I had.  It would be even easier if you used chalkboard spray paint.  I recommend at least two coats of paint:

Step 4: Let Dry and Then Remove Tape.  Once the paint is dry remove the painter's tape:

Wallah!  Done!  The easiest "framed" chalkboard you could ever make!