Eliana and Lucas looking for fish in the river running through Annecy - August 2016
This is probably our second favorite place to take visitors after Gruyere.  When we have family and friends in town there is a list of "must-see" places near our home and Annecy is always a favorite. 
Taken October 2017
 Sometimes referred to as the "Venice of France", Annecy has a river and a couple small channels running right through it's center.  The area surrounding the canals is car free which is nice for children to roam around.  The children enjoy climbing on the short rock walls, splashing in the fountains, walking over the numerous bridges, smelling and admiring the bountiful containers of flowers and playing in 1 of the many playgrounds.
Taken October 2017

Lucas and Henry walking along a half wall along the river running through Annecy - February 2017

Lucas and Henry having fun in a public water fountain - February 2017

Eliana posing in front of the blooming flowers - August 2016
There are several playgrounds for the children to choose from:
One of the playgrounds near the lake in Annecy

Playground near one of the churches in Annecy
In addition, there are several areas of large grassy fields in the sun and in the shade:
Playing with a ball in a shady area near the lake - August 2016
And an old carousel as well:
There are several specialty stores, including my favorite spice shop which I visit almost every time we go to Annecy.  There are also several clothing stores, some boutique and some bigger brands and an innumerable amount of restaurants and caf├ęs.  Several of the restaurants line the river that runs through the town all offering outdoor dining.
 There is no shortage of bakeries and we almost always leave one of them with something special while visiting:
While visiting with friends who were not able to walk as far, we decided on a boat tour of the lake.  The tour was interesting and Lucas enjoyed being on the water, but it wasn't my favorite thing to do in Annecy and after about 30 minutes of it even he was ready to just walk around on the boat.  It is a nice way to sit down and rest for a bit so if you are wanting a break and a (quasy) tour at the same time then I would do it.  Otherwise, I would recommend just finding a bakery item to-go and a park bench to enjoy it while people watching.  

Something we haven't tried yet is renting a paddle boat to take out onto the lake.  I think the children would enjoy packing a picnic and a swimsuit and paddling ourselves out onto the lake on a hot day.  Perhaps this Summer we could plan a trip to Annecy just for a swim in the lake while jumping off or sliding off a paddle boat rental.

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