Another Laundry Room Makeover Project

We had something very similar to one of these prior to the Laundry Room Makeover:

Purchased at Target
I knew I could re-use parts of it and this is what I came up with:

I hung the ironing board part on the wall and placed folding brackets underneath so that it would hang down when not in use and could be lifted up when we wanted to use it.

I placed the green hooks above it so that the cord could hang on it when using the iron.  This might seem silly - but it is a great way to keep baby hands from reaching up and grabbing the iron cord while I am ironing :-)

Hanging down when not in use:

A few close-ups:

Underneath our laundry hamper, where I built the storage cabinet, I added spring rods and hung the three baskets that also came with our old Target laundry hamper.

I want to still make labels for them such as "Delicates", "Whites/Bleach" and "Ironing".

Here is the cabinet where they are hiding inside:

The bins are hanging behind the green curtain.

Our new fold-away ironing board and hanging storage bins!

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