I have been fortunate to have made some wonderful friends since moving to Geneva, Switzerland.  We have now lived here for 10 months and it is beginning to feel more and more like home, mostly because I have found a group of women from around the world who have also been relocated to Geneva.  And we have become each other's support system.
We watch each other's children, we ask each other questions on a daily basis about things from the most trivial to important life events and we just appreciate each other for being the best we each can be for each other and our families.  Being surrounded by these wonderful Moms and their children who have supported each other during each of our transitions has made the move easier and I appreciate them so much.  So, what better way to show love for your friends than by celebrating at a Mother's Day Brunch?  Not everyone was able to attend, but we had a pretty good turn out...
Some of the most fun comes from watching our children grow together and interact:
My favorite menu item from the brunch were the cinnamon rolls.  This is the second time I have made them and I will make them again.  Both times I have made them the night before.  I roll them and let them rise for the second time in the refrigerator overnight.  I pull them out the next morning, let them come to room temperature and then bake them as the recipe instructs.  They have come out great both times and this saves me time in the morning. 


Mother's Day Brunch 2017

Fresh Fruit

We also enjoyed a simple mimosa bar, however called it the "Mom-Osa" Bar.  Gotta love a simple play on words!

"Mom-Osa" Bar:

Orange Juice
Grapefruit Juice
Garnish w/Fresh Raspberries

More photos: