This was our first telepherique (cable car) ride since moving to Switzerland.  This cable car is the closest to Geneva, just across the border in France.  It took us about 35 minutes to reach the base of the station by car.
There is a restaurant at the top of the station.  Just outside, there are maps with some suggested hikes.  We chose the blue hike which stated it would take the average hiker about 2 hours (so for us 4!).
Eliana did a great job walking throughout while Lucas rode in the baby carrier for most of the walk.
We passed cows grazing in their pastures and large fields for Eliana to run through.
There were a few nice areas where you could stop and look over the city of Geneva from above.
Making Mommy nervous and pretending to fall - not funny!
A heart for Geneva
This is a popular place for parachuters to take flight:
We enjoyed our first hike in Switzerland and look forward to trying some more!

Link to our album from Hiking Mont Saleve Here.