Welcome to our wine cellar!  Well, it is not actually a cellar, but maybe someday......  It is a wine cabinet that I fell in love with while my husband and I were shopping for a bedroom dresser.  Who needs a dresser when you can have one of these instead, right?

Recently my sister moved in with us.  It has been wonderful...but I did drink one of her nice bottles of wine she was saving for another event...oops!  Of course she said she didn't mind, but I still felt bad.  I decided we needed a system.  Since then it has been nice because if we have people/family over, I can tell them to open any bottle except the ones with a rubber band on them.

It has been a great system for myself as well.  Have you ever bought a bottle of wine that you want to try but then later can't remember which one was the nice one and which ones were the "any night of the week" wines?  Now, when I come home from the liquor store I place a rubber band over the nicer bottles so that I know they are special.

We keep a ball of rubber bands (you can get these at any office or big box store) on the shelf near the wine glasses.

If you have multiple people storing wine in the same cabinet than you could label certain color rubber bands for certain people.  For example, the purple bands for one person, the yellow for another and green for another.  That way you know who bought which wines.  

So rather than locking up your wine cabinet (unless you have teenagers in the house and then maybe you should ;-) you can just use the rubber band system!

 At some point I would also like to label each of those cubbies for wine for types of wine.  Such as Cabernet, Chianti, Chardonnay, etc.