We opened our Hot Chocolate Bar for the season during our Open House in early December!

The bar includes both child-friendly and "Adult Only" mix-ins.

Child Friendly:

Peppermint sticks
Stirring Straws
Dipping Cookies


Godiva Liquor
Bailey's Irish Cream

Our "Adult Only" mix-ins are segregated into a basket so that they are distinguishably different.  The child friendly mix-ins are placed in a grouping of white containers on the left.

The "be good!" sign was something we had from another Christmas decoration - I thought it was fitting here so we stuck it on the liquor basket of adult only mix-ins.

I gathered white containers from around the house and placed peppermints, chocolate chip cookies and marshmallows into them for the child-friendly mix-ins.

The striped paper straws add a fun child-like and old fashioned element to the bar - they are just thrown into a plain white mug.

The Mr. Coffee Cocomotion (on the far right below) was purchased last year for our Hot Cocoa Bar - it is fabulous addition to the bar because it will heat and froth hot cocoa by the cup (1-8 cups).  We got it on Amazon, however it looks like they are no longer selling it.  The link will give you the details on the Cocomotion and maybe you can find something similar.

To make a quick cup of hot cocoa, we bring a mug of milk to the Cocomotion, add some of the Ghiradelli Chocolate to the Cocomotion and turn it on.  Minutes later we have hot and frothed hot cocoa.  When we have parties or need to make a lot of cocoa at once, we will make it on the stovetop and then place it into our large thermos.  This thermos (link here) is a wonderful big beverage dispenser at a very reasonable price point.  It keeps the cocoa hot for multiple hours.

We love our Hot Chocolate Bar - it is fun and functional!  We will keep it out through most of January so that we can almost instantly enjoy a cup of hot cocoa during the next couple of cold months!

Have you set up a Hot Chocolate Bar?  What are your mix-ins?