There is something spectacular about watching a child at Christmas!  You relive the many miracles of this time of year through their eyes.

We have a family tradition where we eat appetizers, listen to Christmas music and decorate the tree together as a family.  It is one of the only times that Eliana is allowed to eat anywhere outside the kitchen.  That fact by itself makes it a special tradition!

This tradition is even extra special this year because one of Eliana's favorite Christmas decorations is Christmas trees.  We have several throughout our house - most are fake, but this one is real and we had so much fun decorating it and watching the magic of Christmas build in Eliana's eyes!

We kept the food simple:

Toasted Coconut Chicken with a Sweet Chili Sauce
Turkey Brie and Apricot Flatbread
Goat Cheese Pinwheels with Carrots and Zucchini

Wine and Milk (Milk for Eliana)

Eliana excited about getting to eat in the living room!

The best part was watching Eliana and Jonathan decorate the tree together.

We don't have a perfect tree.  And we definitely do not decorate it perfectly.  We haphazardly place ornaments on branches and the main things we look for when we hang an ornament is: 1. Will it stay on the branch? 2. Will it pull the branch down too far?  If it passes those two questions/pieces of criteria then it stays where it was put.