I have been doing "Operation Organize" my entire house since the New Year.  It has been my New Year's resolution to organize and STAY organized.  So far, so good.  Most projects aren't post-worthy, but this one just makes me smile!  I love an organized kitchen and therefore having an organized kitchen sink makes me happy!


Cleaning supplies thrown under the sink
Kitchen gloves and towel always on/in the sink

hand soap, dish soap and lotion on the sink ledge

Everything has a place
Dishwashing supplies on the left, other cleaning supplies on the right

Added hardware to the inside of the doors

A place for all the little things

Gloves hung up!
Finding the hardware for the gloves and dishtowels was difficult.  I have an odd shaped door on the inside and I didn't want the over the cabinet door hangers because I didn't want it showing from the outside.

I found this:

and gathered other supplies:

and put it on the inside of the door:

This picture shows why it worked so well - it had to go over a wood piece on the inside and still have room for gloves and a towel to fit over it:

Yay!  A happier place to cook!