I updated one of my Christmas Mantels this year right before Christmas because we got an early Christmas present!

I am absolutely in love!

The painting is a piece of art made by Paul Lorei in Erie, PA

He truly is an artist.

It looks good from every angle - left, right, center.  

Look at the detail - her toes!  He captured her expression beautifully - her eyes, smile...so impressed!

I love the painting for so many reasons.  First, of course because she is my baby.  But I also have wonderful memories from the day it was taken.  The painting was made from a photograph taken of Eliana on my sister Nicola and her husband Matt's wedding day.  Also, it was taken in my parents backyard where I grew up.  And lastly, I made the dress she is wearing in the painting.

We had to move around a few of the things on the mantel so that they didn't block the painting.

We still have the trees - just shifted slightly to the left.

The sleigh and an angel now sit in the middle under the painting (I think the angel is perfect because it sits below my own little angel;-)

And the reindeer and candles shifted slightly to the right.

Overall,  I don't think this mantel could get much better now - no credit to the decorating - just to the new painting!  I LOVE IT!!!