About a month ago, I posted about a baby BOY gift set that I had made for our cousins' son.

One of my best friends was due to have a baby girl, so I decided to make another set for her and her new baby.

I, of course, chose girly colors - lots of pink!

Here are the bibs:

Burp Cloths:

Diaper Pouch:

The burp cloths fit into the diaper pouch - all three are inside the pouch, but if you only put in one then you could also fit a couple diapers and a few wipes.

Coordinating Sets:

Light Pink Polka Dot
Pinks and Greens

Bright Pink Floral
Bib, Diaper Pouch, Burp Cloth

Clothing Labels:

The Whole Set:

My little helper peeking over the side of the bench to say "Peek-A-Boo!"

This time, I bought extra fabric.  I think I am going to make another set and post it on Etsy just to see if it sells...