This walk, about 45 minutes from our home in Coppet, is located in La Sarraz, Switzerland.   On a bright and crisp late October Saturday we decided to take the short drive to this place that was described as a "Fairy-like Waterfall" in a blog post I read on Family Earth Trek.  What could be a better place for young children to explore than one described as "fairy-like"?  And... this walk is mostly flat and short (it took us about 45 minutes to get there (1.5 hours roundtrip) and we took our time with several stops to look for fairy houses).
We found several small waterfalls along our way and enjoyed exploring in the moss, rocks and small water holes hosting vegetation and critters.
The beginning of the walk is wide and flat.  There are a few signs and yellow diamonds painted on rocks and trees intermittently to remind you that you are on the right trail:
Eliana and Lucas didn't complain during this part of the hike and walked along looking for potential fairy beds, fairy dance houses and all other things fairy.

If it were warmer I am sure shoes and socks would have come off to splash in the wet areas.
Unfortunately, the last part of the trail was closed.  To head toward the last waterfall you must turn right and go downhill toward to the bottom of the waterfall and swimming holes.  We were met with this sign when we got to this point:
So we turned left instead and followed the trail around to get views of some of the waterfalls from the top.
We went this way:
Instead of this way:

It was still a beautiful hike and the children were very content to wander around the smaller wet holes, climb on rocks and look down into some of the deeper water holes below us.
How To Get There
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We parked in a parking lot next to a soccer/football field on Route de Cossonay (near to the Route de Dizy intersection).
We then walked to the street and found our walk "Tine de Conflens" posted on a yellow hiking trail sign on the corner near Chemin de la Condémine and Route de Cossonay saying it was a 20 minute walk from this point:

We walked up this street near the river until we got to another posted sign on a metal pole.  We turned left here toward the red metal walking man sign and followed the dirt/grass path:
The entire walk was 2.8 KM (1.75 miles) roundtrip and the elevation change was minimal with 477 feet difference.

La Tine de Conflens Photo Album: Click Here