After enjoying national route 4 from Coppet to Nyon we decided to try a second national route, this time National Route 3 (Alpine Panorama Trail).  National Route 3 also runs the entire length of the country and can also be broken apart into different sections by using public transportation.  We trained to Lausanne, then followed the trail signs to Morges.  Once in Morges, we walked around, got a couple crepes from a food truck and then took the train from Morges back home.
This particular section of the trail is 13 kilometers and mostly flat.  The conditions are marked as "Easy (Hiking Trail)" and are composed of sidewalks, gravel, dirt paths and loose chips (above).
Along the way you pass small towns, through neighborhoods with tall privacy shrubs and along public walkways on the lake.  It begins in Ouchy (Lausanne's port) and ends in Morges.  There are several shaded areas through the woods but also areas of full sun so make sure to pack your sunscreen.
The walk has only a couple steps which are manageable with a stroller.  One of the steps is photographed below and the other step is of similar size.
If walking with children, there are several opportunities to stop at playgrounds, small beaches or restaurants along the way.  Or, plan you walk around a nap. :)
 Follow signs posted as below with the number 3.  During the journey between these signs you will also see yellow stickers marked "tourisme pedestre" as guarantee you are still on the right path:
At the end make sure to reward yourself with something good to eat or a good beer ...
... especially if your two year old throws his shoes in the lake during the journey which requires you to go fishing for shoes:

Some other photos: