This mountain town is about an hour and twenty minute drive from our home in Switzerland.  We set off to explore the town itself and to do a short winter walk.
We found this guide ahead of time and set out to do the "Winter Walk" in Champéry.  Eliana walked while Lucas rode in the baby carrier.
The snow was so deep that we had to turn around at one point and head back in the direction we came.  The snow was deeper than Eliana's boots and the trail wasn't maintained very well for walking without snowshoes.  Regardless, we enjoyed a short walk in the snow with the beautiful mountain scenery as a backdrop.
 After our walk, we made our way back into the town of Champery and wandered the streets, admired the buildings and stores and then finally settled on a restaurant to get hot chocolates and lunch.
After lunch, we wandered the town a bit more and found a fun playground in the snow.  This was probably the children's favorite part.
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