The countdown to our Disney trip has begun!  In 4 weeks and 3 days we will be in Disney World!

Eliana is very much into princesses these days - one of the first things she says to me every morning is "Mommy, princess dress pleeeeease!"  For Disney I wanted something that was made of cotton so that it was breathable and comfortable in warm weather.  Most princess dresses are made of rayon so I decided to make my own so that I could choose my fabrics.

I ended up with the dress in the above right photo.  It was 100% cotton!  But Eliana wasn't very excited about the dress... I guess it wasn't "princessey" enough.  So I added the sparkly sheer fabric to the skirt of the dress shown in the above left photo.  Now, I can barely get it off of her!  She has worn it to Kindermusik, the grocery store, an art class and in our backyard playing (which are the photos in this post).

I made the pattern myself by tracing another dress that fits her well onto paper and adding a seam allowance before cutting the fabric.  I love the white slightly sparkly fabric used to make the ruffles on her hips - I also used the same fabric on the upper bodice of an Elsa dress (coming soon).  So now I guess the dress is closer to 95% cotton, but at least it is 100% cotton lined and the sheer sparkly fabric added to the skirt is extremely lightweight so it should still be comfortable in warm weather.


The detail I am most in love with is the piping that goes down the center of the bodice:


Eliana in her Cinderella Dress:

Tutorial on how I made the dress here!

Details and Close-ups of Eliana's Cinderella Dress: