Recently I have really been on a shelf kick.  I built the chunky floating "spa" shelves in our master bathroom.  Followed by the ledge shelves for our books in the playroom.  And now I just finished a floating shelf in our downstairs powder room.  If you are sick of reading about shelving units I don't blame you and you can just ignore the "read more" link below :-)

Does anyone else get on these type of kicks?  I'm not sure what it is, but I think it has something to do with how easy these are to build!  I built this shelf yesterday during the second half of Eliana's nap.  Then I sanded it, stained it, and wrote this post during her nap today.  Fast, easy, quick results that transform a space!  The best part about this shelf?  I didn't have to buy ANY supplies for it - I used all leftover wood/nails/screws from previous projects!  Woohoo!

These shelves were built in a very similar fashion as the chunky floating shelves in our bathroom.  There are just a few differences.  

1. I didn't add a bottom to the support:

Check out the underside of the shelf above.  I used the same type of support bracket system used in the floating shelves in our bathroom.  

2. I used decorative molding and mitered the corners:

I used my mitre saw to cut the trim so that the corners would match up.  You can also cut the wood this way with a simple mitre box and hand saw if you don't have a power saw or don't feel comfortable using one.  I did the same type of mitered corners for our kitchen tabletop.

Our Powder Room really needed a little something special.  It could still use a facelife (i.e. I hate the linoleum floor - it is the last room that needs to be tiled), but this helps.  I used one of my favorite colored stains on this project - Rustoleum English Chestnut.

And just for fun, here is a before and after of this powder room:

I have to remind myself that even though it still needs a new floor it has come a long way!  These before and after shots make me smile! :-)  

Do you have any before and after projects that make you smile?  Have a great day everyone!