We love the original hardwood floors in our home.  It is one of the many reasons we fell in love with this house - for its character.  We were fortunate to find these floors under the carpet shortly after moving in.  What we didn't anticipate was the price of purchasing area rugs for every room of the house.  They are hundreds to thousands of dollars!  So some rooms got outfitted with hand-me-down rugs and for others we got creative.

For the nursery, I found these two rugs at Kohl's on sale for $15/piece.  A great deal!!!  And while they do not match each other perfectly, they coordinate well enough to sit side by side and create the illusion of a larger rug in the room.

Good Morning Sunshing!  I took these photos right after Eliana woke up one morning.
I like that they are separated by a few inches, but I could have pushed them right up next to each other to really make it look like a bigger rug.

The next area of the house we plan to put a rug is on the stairs.  While we love the hardwood stairs, we have had 1 too many people fall down them while wearing socks.  We are planning on using a runner and I have had my eyes on a store in Pittsburgh that sells carpet remnants for hopefully the perfect piece. We'll see if I find one soon!