The shelves are done and decorated!  I am in love with them!  I had a hard time photographing them - my lighting wasn't great.  What do you think?

Here they are without any items on them yet:

And here they are loaded up with supplies and "spa-like" items.  :-)  The tall container on the left top shelf contains a candle.  The aged bronze container next to it holds extra toilet paper rolls and then a clock and a photo of Jonathan and I on our wedding day.  On the lower shelf there are extra towels (I wish I could say they were plush, but they aren't...we need new towels) and a small basket containing feminine care items.

Option #1:

Option #2: Instead of the clock, there is a picture hung on the wall and a mirror on the shelf.

Which vignette do you like best?  Option #1 or Option #2?

You can see that they are next to the shower/tub area of the bathroom:

If you continue to scan right in the room, you will see our vanity below on the right.

The only thing we have added to this area of the bathroom (below) are the glass shelves on the wall to the right.  I am not a huge fan of those shelves, but they work for now...

This shot is taken from the doorway into the bathroom (see the door on the right of the photo)
Remaining on this bathroom "To-Do List" is:

1. Frame the mirror above the vanity
2. Replace or find a way to update the light above the mirror
3. Possibly build a different shelving unit between the wall studs where the current glass shelves rest.

Next Post: Tutorial to make your own Chunky Floating Shelves



Option #2:

Option #1

Close-ups and Detailed Photos:

How have you added storage to your bathroom?  Would you consider making floating shelves?

One more question:  Do you think I should add a third shelf?  I am torn...