We started a new family tradition - decorating the Christmas tree for the New Year!!!   We also decided to stay home and have a family fun day - it was fabulous and relaxing!  We had fun in the snow and redecorated our Christmas Tree to celebrate the coming New Year!  Then we toasted with Champagne (and milk for Eliana) at 9PM - we even counted down the 10 seconds prior to 9 and then called all of our family right after "midnight".  Jonathan and I celebrated the real midnight together, but out big celebration was at 9PM and then Eliana went to bed.

To redecorate the tree for New Year's we first took off the Christmas ornaments.  Then, we threw beads, pompoms, paper crowns and the things that you blow into and make noise into the tree.  It was fun to redecorate it and great motivation to get the Christmas ornaments packed safely away.  Eliana thought it was great that we got to play "dress-up" with the tree!

Then we went outside for some fun in the snow

 A very light snow, but oh well...

Eliana loved sledding!

Making Snow Angels:

And just playing in the snow with Finnegan:

No family event would be complete without Rosie (Eliana's baby doll):

A new family tradition: Updating the Christmas tree for the New Year!