For Eliana's second birthday we were on the beach vacationing.  So we made her birthday cake into a sandcastle that you could also eat!

It is most definitely not perfect!  But we used what we had while on vacation and this is what we came up with...

It was good enough for Eliana - she thought it was pretty neat!

This is how we did it: Then you can improve upon it and post your own photos!

We baked lots of cake: 1-9x13 ; 1-9" round ; 1-6" round ; 1-4" round

We made sand (above):  For the sand we toasted coconut in the oven.  We then put the toasted coconut in a food processor along with several graham crackers, some vanilla wafers and white sugar (to lighten the color).

We tiered our baked cake and added waffle cones for our towers.

We iced the cake and cones (we made a cream cheese buttercream icing - but any would work).

I couldn't have made this cake without my helper above!

We put marshmallows around the tiered layers of the cake and added one more cone on top.  (I would make sure these were covered in more icing next time so the sand sticks to them better).

We then dusted the whole cake in our "sand" (toasted coconut concoction).

Wallah!  A Sandcastle Birthday Cake for our Little Princess!