A Toddler Halloween Party:

Costume Wearing
Pumpkin Painting
Good Food Eating
Fun Friends Playing

All of them in costumes and painting!

We had good friends over on Halloween for a fun filled get together.  This group of friends meets frequently at either someone's house, the zoo or a park.   Because this day happened to also be Halloween we filled it with pumpkin painting and costume wearing fun!

 This is what you get with 9 toddlers painting pumpkins at once:

Fortunately, all of these Moms were totally OK with a little mess!
~ plus we used only washable paint :-) ~

We lined them up on the couch and tried to get pictures:

 Try as we may, we never got all 9 on the couch at the same time... one would escape and another would be placed in their spot :-)

And then we enjoyed some good food around the table!

We had to extend the dining room table for this bunch of good eaters!

A Hot Apple Cider Bar was set up for a fun seasonal drink:

For more on the Apple Cider Bar look HERE

Thanks everyone for helping out - bringing food and goodies to help celebrate!

Check out last year's Costume Line-Up on the couch:

Before 9 Toddlers Starting Painting:

After 9 Toddlers Painted:

Tip: Before painting the pumpkins spray them with a sealer - otherwise when the paint dries it will peel.  I used Aleene's Spray Acrylic Sealer - Matte Finish.  I sprayed them one day in advance and let them dry.

This is what happens when the pumpkin is not sealed:  Lesson learned last year when we also painted a pumpkin

More action shots:

Happy Halloween and Happy Fall!!!