Turn a placemat into a decorative pillowcase!

An easy DIY project that took me less than 30 minutes!

Using a seam ripper (can be bought at joann fabrics/walmart/Amazon for a couple dollars), I opened the seam between the back and front of the placemat.  See link for sample product: Seam Ripper

Then I slid a pillow that I bought on clearance from Ross's into the the pocket:

And resewed the seam back together:

I used my sewing machine to sew the seam back together, but you could just as easily hand stitch the seam - it is such a short distance it still wouldn't take that long to hand stitch

Turn this:

Into this:

I made two coordinating pillows from two coordinating placemats found at Target

Here is the second placemat turned pillowcase: