Michelle's Bridal Shower

My girlfriend Michelle is getting married in just a couple weeks!!!! So all of us bridesmaids threw her a shower this past weekend.  I am so happy with how it turned out and I think Michelle was too - she even cried when she walked in!

 Michelle very excited and then crying after walking in:

We decided to go with a Wine and Harvest Theme.  Michelle loves wine and because the shower was the last weekend in September and she is having an October wedding we decided that adding some harvest decorations and theme would make sense.

Gold chargers rested at every place setting

We used burlap as runners down the center of the tables 

Paper hearts were cut out of old novels and scattered down the burlap

Fresh apples, grapes and gourds were used as centerpieces along with rustic baskets and candles

Wood boards were stained a dark chestnut color to add an additional layer to the table

We decorated the mantel with mums and more pumpkins/seasonal items and added "future" "mrs." pillows to the chairs

To DIY these pillows see my tutorial here
 Guests could self serve water at the table

These water bottles were made by hot glueing burlap and lace around clear glass bottles


Wine and Cheese Tasting

A buffet was set up with 6 bottles of wine - three reds and three whites.  Each paired with a cheese.

The chalkboard provided guests with a description of how the tasting would work

They could choose to taste all the wine or just the reds or whites

A variety of crackers and breads were provided to go along with the tasting

As well as jams and honey


Guests wrote a message to the bride and groom on Jenga blocks for them to read when they play together

Eliana wrote a message too :-)

Date Night Jar:

Guests wrote date night suggestions into the jar and then the bride and groom get to pull out the date suggestion for when they want quality time together - the plan was to pass this around during the gift opening, however we got sidetracked so it happened afterwards as guests were leaving - I also didn't get a good picture of this jar...

Wine Poems:

The bridesmaids' gift to Michelle (other than the shower) were eight bottles of wine.  Each bottle had a poem attached

The gold frame below explains the eight bottles of wine with another poem:

Eight Bottles of Wine

Eight bottles of wine for our special pair
All for different events, but for them both to share
We hope they are always as happy as today
And that they share this wine in just the way that we say
On each of the eight bottles a poem is attached
For them to read and enjoy while this great life they attack
Cheers to the Bride and Groom as they start their lives together
May this wine symbolize the beginning of their forever!

With Our Love,  Michelle’s Bridesmaids

FAVORS: Guests received a small bag of maroon and gold m&m's with a note saying: 

Michael and Michelle's Love is Sweet
They go together like an m&m treat
M + M


Guests got to make their own gourmet sandwiches - we felt like it went with the harvest/picnic type of theme

There were instructions written on the chalkboard runner

Step 1: Commit to a Carb
Step 2: Choose a Cheese
Step 3: Mingle with the Meats
Step 4: Spread your Sauce
Step 5: Remember your Relish

Dessert / Cupcakes

Purchased from Bethel Bakery and decorated with mini bottles of wine and grapes

These cupcakes were considered Bethel Bakery's "tuscany" theme and were perfect for our Wine and Harvest Theme!


Guests could choose from sangria, iced tea, water or coffee


"Your Love Is The Best Gift Of All.  Please leave all other gifts on this table."

Name Tags: "I am proud to be with the Bride-to-Be"


Everyone having fun: