Organizing our upstairs hall closet:

Our upstairs hall closet was a catch-all for medicine, nail polish, sheets, towels and many more items...

I found some pretty bins that fit the space almost perfectly and started organizing!

The blue bins were found at Target and the green bins were found at the dollar store

I also purchased a label maker from Target to help keep the items organized.

My green bins are organized and labeled with: 
Cold and Cough Meds, Stomach Meds, Baby/Child Meds, Nail Polish, Shoe Polish, Teeth (extra tooth brushes), Eyes (extra contacts and contact solution), Wraps/Braces, extra hair items (brushes, hair clips, blow dryer).

My blue bins are organized and labeled with: 
"extras" (refills on items used frequently such as soap, deoderant, etc.), Band-Aids/First-Aid, Hot/Cold (ice packs, creams), Sunscreen/Bug Sprays

I also labeled the shelves below the bins.  

My sheets are organized in piles by size

My pillow cases are folded and inside a bin

My Hand towels are folded behind the white bin and wash cloths are inside the white bin

And our towels sit on the lowest shelf

There are two large white bins (from Ikea) on the floor that hold our extra blankets (wool blankets, blankets for in the park and extra down blankets for the winter months).

Our beach towels sit on the very top shelf.

Doors Open/Doors Closed

Eliana helping me organize :-)