DIY'ing My Mudroom:

Our garage enters into our basement "mudroom".

It is a very small "room".  I would call it more a hallway with a collection of doors leading to several other areas of the house.

After finishing the laundry room (doors on the far right side of of picture above), I wanted to do something in this area too.

The before didn't have the wood boards on the wall - I just forgot to take the before picture until after I had started the project, but you get the idea...nothing was there.

I have always dreamed of having a mudroom with a bench and cubbies and hooks...but my space is way too small for an elaborate built-in. So I compromised and built a very small bench with just a few hooks above it.

Twice a year we have to carry our outdoor furniture through this area to the unfinished side of the basement (one of the benefits of living in the north).  That means that the door leading to the garage/outside needs to be able to open all the way.

So, this means that my bench had to be able to fold flat against the wall so the door could open the entire way.


No bench:

So in my very small mudroom I still got some hooks (found at Ikea):

I got my bench (even with a pretty diy pillow):

And I got some cubbies - they just happen to be on another wall (also found at Ikea):

She was wonderful to work with and even custom changed this photo design so that it would hang horizontally rather than vertically.  Thanks Nicole!  

I made the pillow cover above from a $2 fabric sample from Jo-Ann Fabric's clearance bin.

My Helper loved testing out the space:

This rug was found at Target

A few more photos:

The "legs" hinge closed

The top also hinges up flat