After having countertop space to fold my laundry, I decided I needed shelves to hold laundry baskets of organized laundry piles.

They aren't anything fancy, but I figured I might as well use the space next to the refrigerator.

And after finding lime green baskets that would fit there perfectly, I decided it was meant to be.

The right side of the laundry room finished:

From Left to Right: Utility Sink Cover and Skirt, Folding Drying Rack, Lime Green Laundry Baskets
Just like my baskets for ironing, whites, etc. (in previous post), I would eventually like to label these baskets with: Jonathan, Danielle, Eliana and Towels/Home so that when laundry comes out of the dryer they can be neatly organized into piles for taking upstairs.

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