Sometimes you have to get creative when baby proofing.

I posted earlier about baby-proofing our cable box.  And also our fireplaces.

We also needed to baby-proof behind our wet bar.

It actually ended up being an easy fix.  I was having trouble thinking outside the box... and then it dawned on me... use an expandable gate and attach it a little higher to just cover the open cabinet.  I originally thought I needed a gate to fit the entry into the bar.

The problem is that they don't sell baby gates that are that narrow.  I looked everywhere!  Plus, this is one of the first things you see when you enter our house, so I didn't want a baby gate to also be the first thing you would see.

Her hand can fit in, but not too far...

And it opens up and swings out of the way for easy access to all our glassware and other bar supplies!

And the outside of the wet bar hasn't been touched!

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