All I want for Christmas are....

... matching pajamas, matching pajamas, matching pajamas...

All I want for Christmas are matching pajamas... for the whole family!

I love when I look through Christmas catalogs and they have matching pajamas for the whole family.  The only downfall is the price...ouch!  They are usually more than I am willing to spend - up to $70 for one person?...that adds up quickly when buying for a family.

So, I decided to make family PJs for this holiday season.  I used three coordinating fabrics so they all work together.

Daddy (Jonathan's):

Mommy (Danielle/Me):

Mine are on the far right if you couldn't figure that out :-)


Eliana's are extra special because they are extra warm.  I lined them with a coordinating green polka dot fleece.

I also love the bow on the waistband - the ribbon is of course permanently in a bow for safety reasons.  We don't want Eliana strangling herself in the middle of the night.  It is glued in place - believe me it is not budging - I really pulled on it.

I took the picture before I "hemmed"/finished the edges of the ribbon - the finished product has a clean edge on the end of the ribbon.

For our tops I wan't as creative.  I found a short sleeve shirt for Jonathan and I that worked/matched our bottoms at Target.  I actually think mine is really cute - it has two reindeer on the front with rhinestone noses.

Eliana's top was a green onesie that I embellished with a Christmas tree from the fabric used for my PJ pants.  I tried to bring both of Jonathan and my pants into Eliana's PJs.  So, her bottom half matches Jonathan's PJ pants (mostly because I think smaller prints look best on the children's clothes I make) and her top has part of my PJs in it.

I did this embellishment the same way I made the tie onesie for the baby gift set.  The stitching is called a satin stitch which is essentially a very close together zig zag.  The zig hits on the embellishment and the zag hits the onesie material.  

Hint:  To find colored onesies that do not have words, logos, etc on them I love going to H&M.  They usually have 2 onesies for $10 and they have all colors.  Believe me, it is hard to find a solid green onesie for a baby girl (or boy) without a picture or words on it.

Now I just need a picture of us all wearing them!  I'll have to get someone to take one of us.