This is a reminder to myself as to why I should always write these shortly after going.  It took me a good 20 minutes of reviewing my photos and my dropped pins on google maps before I could remember exactly where we went while visiting Villars-Sur-Ollon.
After analyzing the map above, I remebered that we parked at the train station in Villars (1253 m).  We then took the train to Bretaye (1809 m).  From the train we hiked up a wide gravel path to Roc d'Orsay (1976 m).
Views while walking up the gravel path toward Roc d'Orsay
After resting a bit at Roc d'Orsay, smelling some flowers and enjoying the views we continued uphill for a short distance longer until we found a footpath through a grassy field.  We followed the footpath until it ended.
 This footpath wasn't marked, however it offered the most amazing views and I felt like I was in the filming scene from the Sound of Music.
The small footpath we opted to try leading to nowhere (other than beautiful views).  
Once the footpath ended we found ourselves with 2 choices.  Turn back and go back down the way we had come or try "off-roading" it to get back to the Bretaye train station.  We could see where we needed to go so we decided to make our own way back.  It ended up being a bit more difficult than we had planned as it was quite rocky in some areas and steep in areas as well.
 We looked ahead at where we were headed and found the best way back to the gravel pathway leading back down Bretaye:
Eliana on the unmarked footpath.  Once it ended we "off-roaded" back down to the trail in the distant far right.
If we had stayed on the path than it would have been stroller friendly as it was a wide gravel path.  The gravel was loose so I would recommend a stroller with large wheels meant for off-roading.  Also note that the walk we chose was uphill the entire way.  We walked from 1809 m to 1976 m, so our incline was 167 meters.  
Eliana, tired of going uphill.
Another photo of the wide gravel path heading up to Roc d'Orsay from Bretaye's train station:

Bretaye offers a restaurant and other paths in different directions from the train station.  After our journey up and down we visited the restaurant Hotel du Lac.  The restaurant also had a few child friendly toys for the children to use while we sat on the patio with drinks and food.
Just behind the restaurant is a lake, some lodging houses and several more trails to choose from.

Small lodges behind the restaurant and Eliana enjoying a large rock to rest on while she admires the wildflowers.
Lucas was particularly interested in the huge cowbells hanging from one of the lodges:

After we took the train back down to Villars-Sur-Ollon where we had parked we drove about 5 minutes to an outdoor playground that is included with your train ticket.  The playground has a mini golf area and small children's train in addition to playground equipment.