Making Queen Elsa tank tops was very simple.  Most of the project was completed by Mindi, my 9 year old cousin.  It was her first sewing project - I think she did an awesome job! We planned to make two - one for Eliana and one for Mindi so that they could have matching Elsa tops.  We ended up only finishing this one before Mindi had to head back home so we don't have any photos of them wearing them together...but hopefully we will get one the next time we have a family reunion.

We started with white tank tops purchased from Target.  I love Mindi's top because because it came already bedazzled around the neckline (they didn't sell this shirt in Eliana's size so we got her a more plain tank top).  We then used a seam ripper to open the side seams of the shirts:

I found the turquoise fabric on Amazon.  I love how lightweight and stretchy it is.  Plus, it looks like real sequins, but is much more comfortable and workable.  To cut the faux sequin fabric we laid the tank top on the floor and the turquoise fabric on top of it.  We cut the sequin fabric slightly larger than the tank top.  We then used a hand drawn paper pattern as a guide for the bodice shaped top.  We used the same pattern for both 3T and size 8 shirts.  For Eliana's (below left) the pattern was cut off at the armpits so that the bodice shape was higher on her chest compared to Mindi's (below right):

We pinned the turquoise fabric onto the front of the tank top and then turned the shirt inside out and pinned all three layers together so that we could sew the side seams back together. 

Mindi sewed down both sides (where she had previously opened the seams with the seam ripper):

Once the side seams were sewn back together with the sequin fabric we needed to finish the top and bottom.  To attach the top and bottom parts of the sequin fabric to the shirt we rolled the sequin fabric under and topstitched it to the front of the shirt.

Wallah!  Queen Elsa Tank Top Shirts.  When paired with a turquoise skirt or shorts it really starts to scream "Elsa".