The last couple days have been filled with trying out some other parks including Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach and Hollywood Studios. We also re-visited Magic Kingdom in the evening for the parades, light up show on the castle and fireworks. While we have enjoyed the other parks, Jonathan and I both agree that there is nothing like Magic Kingdom - especially for a 2 year old and that 2 year old's parents! We love watching the awe in her face as princesses she has fantasized about come to life. Her face lights up with excitement everytime she sees Minnie, Daisy, Cinderella (or any other princess), music and dancing. So after waking up and getting a morning swim in (one of the joy's of staying at a hotel with a pool - you can go during "in-between" times) we started Day 3.
Day 3:

Because Snow White loves animals (she told us so at the Princess Breakfast our first day in Magic Kingdom) Eliana wore her Snow White shirt to Animal Kingdom the next day. "Silly Mommy" forgot to pack her yellow shorts to go with it...oops!

Eliana experienced her first 3D show at A Bug's Life in Animal Kingdom and while she was excited to wear the glasses before the show started, she was hesitant afterwards... the feeling of bug's flying toward her face wasn't her cup of tea. But, she tolerated it well and told us several stories about it afterwards so it must have made an impact.
Eliana also loved the Nemo Show, the Safari Ride and "Elsa's Mountain" at Animal Kingdom. She was absolutely convinced that the snow covered mountain at Animal Kingdom was Elsa's. I wouldn't be surprised if Disney creates a new ride near the mountain because it does look like it could be from Frozen.
On The Safari Ride
On The Safari Ride

I think that so far Animal Kingdom has been our second favorite park (second to Magic Kingdom). We enjoyed Animal Kingdom for Monday morning and afternoon until a shower sent us running for the bus to take us "home" to Animal Kingdom Lodge for an afternoon nap.
Monday evening ended with a trip back to Magic Kingdom for dinner, parade, light show and fireworks. Eliana was excited to be back in front of Cinderella's Castle:
We took advantage of some time before our dinner reservation to explore Adventureland inside Magic Kingdom - Eliana liked being a "Big Girl" and walking through the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse herself:
Running Across The Bridge On Swiss Family Robinson

Turning Around and Smiling At Us After Running Forward
Ending the night in front of the castle:
Day 4:
We started Day 4 at Blizzard Beach and anticipated staying the morning and most of the early afternoon. Eliana decided otherwise... we stayed at Blizzard Beach for about an hour before Eliana was "all done". While she loves swimming (even going underwater) she was not a fan of the water slides... they were "too scary" and "too dangerous". So rather than try and force it for the rest of the morning we headed back to the hotel because we knew that she loved that pool. In the end it was nice relaxing around the pool, ordering lunch and drinks from the pool bar and just swimming. After a very short nap we headed to Hollywood Studios around 2:30 for the afternoon and evening.
Eliana was VERY excited to watch the Disney Junior Live show. She was even VERY excited to just stand in front of the sign - how exciting to see a lifesize version of Sofia The First!!!
The three of us say on the floor of the auditorium together and watched the life show while Eliana grinned ear to ear to see the characters in real life. After the Disney Junior Life show we watched the Mermaid attraction which Eliana also really enjoyed. We had a fast pass to see the Fantasmic show starting at 9, however we decided to head back to the hotel for an early night in bed after a few meltdowns around 6:30... Oh well. We will have to see Fantasmic next time. I would have to say that Hollywood Studios was not Eliana's favorite park. On our trip back to the hotel we decided that rather than going back to Hollywood Studios the next morning (our original plan due to fast pass tickets and a lunch reservation) we would go back to Magic Kingdom. That is where we spent this morning and we have had a fabulous day so far! I will write more about today and tomorrow in the next post. For now, here are a few more photos of days 3 & 4:
Starting to get really tired at Hollywood Studios
Me making funny faces trying to make Eliana wasn't working...

Eliana more excited about a photo of the Little Mermaid than me making those funny faces... :-)

Jonathan getting snap happy with the camera...

Inside the Disney Junior Live show