This is a super super super easy DIY!  It look me less than 15 minutes to complete.  And there are only 3 materials - the tabletop, the table legs, and the hardware to connect them.

You can buy the 24" round top from Lowes for $15.  It is pre-sanded and ready for paint or stain.  I purchased the table legs at Home Depot for a little less than $5/piece.  They are also pre-sanded and ready for stain or paint.  The hardware was also purchased at Home Depot.  The height of the table is perfect for Eliana to stand and color, but if desired, she can pull up a child's stool and sit to color as well.  It is small and lightweight so we have moved it between rooms in our home from the playroom to the sunroom and where it currently is being photographed, the family room.

< Side Note:  It is currently in the family room because we have been spendings LOTS of time in front of the TV.  Not actually watching TV, but listening to the song "Let It Go" from Frozen play over and over again through the credits.  Eliana has actually perfected singing dancing and coloring all at once.  And once the credits are over (a.k.a. the songs stops playing), Eliana goes to the DVD player and pushes the back button so that it plays again.  Maybe I should just download the song on iTunes? Probably.  :-) >

OK.  Back to the table:

I chose to only use three legs because I wanted enough space between them for a small stool to fit.  I also wanted Eliana's baby doll highchair to be able to pull up to the table so that when she uses it in her play kitchen it is the perfect height for pretending to be a kitchen table.

It can be made in two simple steps:

1. Attach the plates to the bottom of the tabletop with the screws provided:

2. Screw the table legs into the plates.  The legs have a screw attached to them.  These screws fit into the plates that you attached to the bottom of the table in the step above.  Done!

You can see in the photo below that it doesn't take up much space in our family room.  

It is compact, but all the table space that Eliana needs.  It has enough room to easily hold a container of markers or crayons and standard sized paper.

A Couple More Shots: