For my sister and "almost brother"'s couples shower the hosts decided on 5 quiet activities rather than the typical games that tend to go with a bridal shower.  These 5 activities touched on the couple and could be completed at the guests' leisure throughout the evening.

1. A Puzzle Of The Couple. 

A puzzle was ordered with the couples engagement photo on the front.  The puzzle was displayed on a large tray with a chalkboard explaining what to do with it.  The chalkboard stated: "Help complete this puzzle of the "Perfect Pair".  Put your first name on one piece and your last on another".

2. Jenga Date Night Ideas.

The jumbling tower wood pieces were scattered on one of the food stations along with some permanent markers.  The chalkboard stated: "Write a Date Night idea on a Jenga block for our "Perfect Pair".

3. A Polaroid Picture Taking Station with Note Cards.

 Guests were to take the note cards and write a note for the perfect pair to read before the wedding.  Then to take a photo of themselves wearing silly hats and glasses (supplied in a basket not shown).  The note went into the album followed by their polaroid photo.  The chalkboard stated:

1. Please take a funny photo of yourselves.
2. Slide the photo into the album.
3. Slide your "perfect pair" message into the same page.
4. Go have more fun!"

4. Food and Drink Pairings for the "Perfect Pair".

The menu consisted of 4 stations of appetizers each paired with a different wine and beer.  For a detailed account of these pairings visit this post: A Perfectly Paired Menu For A Perfect Pair

5. Slideshow of the Couple.

We had the couples engagement photos uploaded to icloud. We accessed them through an Apple TV and had their photos displayed throughout the evening.

For all of the details on this shower including menu ideas and pairings of wine and beer check out these posts: