My Hubbie's birthday was last weekend.  Unfortunately (and fortunately :-) I was away on my sister's bachelorette destination weekend in Nashville.  Of course I wish I could have celebrated with him on the real day, but we made do and celebrated last night!

Eliana's favorite shape right now is a heart.  Her favorite color is red.  So Jonathan ended up with a Pink Heart Cake for his birthday...     Since it is so close to Valentine's Day it would also be the perfect cake for your Valentine!  Jonathan is of course my and Eliana's Valentine (and hopefully will be both our valentine's for years and years to come).  So, even though it is not the most masculine cake, he is deserving of a heart cake coming from his two girls whether it be for his birthday or Valentine's Day!

How We (Eliana and I) Did It:

1. Bake your favorite cake in a 9" round and 9" square pan.

2. Cut the 9" round cake into two half circles.

3. Turn your 9" square into a diamond (turn it) and place both half circles on two adjoining sides.

4. Make your favorite icing.  Spread it over your heart cake.

Here it is all together in 1 picture showing the steps:

Note: This ends up being a very large cake.  I didn't have a platter that would hold it so we opted for a very large cutting board to serve it on.  It worked out great because it was really easy to cut the cake since it was already on a cutting board!

This cake was inspired from a pinterest post I found last year.  The owner of the pin is: Katie Brown Home Workshop and her heart looks much better than mine so make sure you check out her post too!

The Story Behind The Recipes We Used:

Jonathan loves yellow cake with white icing.  He is a simple man.  I found two recipes that looked very promising and put them together - 1 recipe for the cake and 1 recipe for the icing.  The cake recipe we used was from The Smitten Kitchen - Best Birthday Cake.  The icing recipe we used was found on the Pioneer Woman's site but originally came from Tasty Kitchen - That's the Best Frosting I've Ever Had

The icing was very good.  I would make it again.  The cake I am sure would have been good if I had used the right flour :-/   Note to others:  When the cake recipe calls for "Cake Flour" do not use "Pastry Flour".  I went out and looked specifically for Cake Flour and couldn't find it.  So I found Pastry Flour and assumed they were the same thing (a cake is a type of pastry, right?).  So, I am going to give this recipe another try and use any flour that doesn't state "self-rising".  The cake was still good, just not great.  It had a bit of a cornmeal taste to it...  Sorry honey!  Maybe I will make this again on Valentine's Day with the right flour!  

Happy Birthday Jonathan! I love you!

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