I know...it is a little early for Christmas decorations...but I love them!  And we are going to be out of town the majority of the next few weeks so this way it will be done when we get back in town in early December.  

Family/TV Room:


More Family/TV Room:

This room has a traditional fireplace and mantel in it.  I hung a wreath over a painting that was currently there and then added other touches of Christmas.

With the twinkle lights on at dusk (above).  I used the lights with the white wire so that they blend into the arrangement when no lit.

I love using pinecones to decorate in both Fall and Winter.  In the Winter it is fun to spray paint them white or buy some that have faux snow on them.

I love this cherub - she is usually in the house year round.

Greenery with more faux snow thrown into a glass vase is fun.

The wreath below is one of my favorite seasonal wreaths

More Sunroom:

The sunroom mantel is decorated very simply.  A simple garland hangs over a painting we have up year round and a prancing reindeer sits centered on the mantel.

See the Baby Gate inside the fireplace?  It has worked great!  And, it blends in so well after painted black.
To see more on baby-proofing the fireplace check out this POST!
I decided to keep the actual mantel simple because it is flanked by two bookcases that get decorated as well.

The left side of the fireplace mantel:

The right side of the fireplace mantel: