I had a long empty space of wall that I wanted to fill.

I wanted one of those long ledge shelves similar to this:

This is Pottery Barn's Holman Picture Ledge
I needed it to fit a specific space so I decided to make one myself.  I am pretty happy with it... I made it before I had my mitre saw, otherwise my cuts would have been a bit cleaner.  So it has a bit of a rustic look to it since my cuts were all done with a hand saw.

I found the plans on Ana White's website.  Her blog is amazing - there are hundreds of free building plans!  Check it out:  ANA WHITE LEDGE SHELF

She calls them Ten Dollar Ledge Shelves, but mine were free!  I used leftover wood in our basement from another project!

Some looks from the side:

From the bottom:

From the other side:

Straight on:

I could have bought some shelves for this space, but I wanted one long shelf to sit higher on the wall.  I love how it looks above our church pew.