Our very own repurposing.  I guess we are "Green" or maybe it is just practical and logical.

We got a new computer a few months ago.  

We moved from a Dell desktop to an Apple desktop.  

You may be wondering why we still have desktops....doesn't everyone use laptops now-a-days?  Well, I will write more on that later - it will fall into the "Logical Parenting" category.

So, what better to do with an old keyboard and mouse than to let Eliana use it!  Everytime I am typing, she is on the floor playing beside me.  But, often she is interested in also touching the keys I am typing on.... 

....so now Eliana has her very own keyboard and mouse!  And an old cell phone we had lying around - when cleaning out desk and organizing to install the new computer I found an old cell phone - she is loving it.

The old keyboard, mouse and phone.

Eliana's favorite new office toys.

They were pretty old, so they still had the wires attached (a.k.a. were not bluetooth enabled). So we had to cut the wires off for safety reasons.  No biggie.  Problem solved with a simple pair of scissors.

Mommy and Daddy's new keyboard and mouse!  Yay!