Instead of the traditional Gingerbread House this year we opted for a Gingerbread Man.

Mostly because I think a gingerbread house would look like a tornado hit it after we decorated it with a 1 year old. :-)

We got all of our supplies together.  We made it pretty simple - since we weren't eating it I didn't make the batter from scratch.  We bought this:

It was easy and worked perfectly!

 I found this gingerbread man form on Amazon (my favorite shopping destination!)

So we had all our ingredients ready...naked gingerbread man, candies and red/green icing.

We also cheated with the icing - but again,  he is only for decoration - not to eat.

 While Mommy got the gingerbread man ready to decorate, Eliana helped pick the perfect kitchen tools.

 We first decided to give the gingerbread man shoes.

And then a hat... Eliana is really into hats :-)

Eliana made sure to taste test the icing.

We also added candies (a.k.a. sparkles to the hat and shoes).

And we of course taste tested the candies too.

I have a feeling we may be missing our afternoon nap today after all this sugar :-)

The finished product:

He looks good on display in the kitchen.  He keeps our Santa (whom contains our Homemade Granola) company.

Our Gingerbread Man's Shoes (with sparkles a.k.a. candies of course).

Our Gingerbread Man's Mittens and Buttons:

Our Gingerbread Man's Hat:

This was fun and was much more manageable than decorating a house this year.  We will target decorating a house for the 2+ years in Eliana's life.